From death into life.

“The movement to an authentic, lasting resolution of trauma is a visceral and deeply emotive awakening from a trance-like state . . . a messy, loud, thrashing process of coming back from death into life.”
                                                                                                                                       --Linda Kohanov

I’m using the word trauma loosely here. To different degrees, trauma is a bad car accident, cancer, the loss of the cat you’ve had since you were a teenager, an intimate deception, a break-up. It’s an intense, unpredictable emotional state that impacts every aspect of your life, even those aspects you didn’t know your life had. Your incredibly efficient method of grocery shopping, for example, is rendered chaotic and nonsensical after trauma. You wander around the store under blazing fluorescent lights which highlight the hideous bags under your eyes and finally find yourself in the check-out line with a package of peanut-butter-and-toast crackers (yep), which you’ve never purchased in your life, and the guy in line at the Starbucks counter nearby keeps looking at you like he really wants to ask you what’s wrong.

Trauma is riding in a car when you’re five years old and realizing the adults are hammered and don’t know where they’re going, even though they’ve been there a million times and this is Kansas so it doesn’t get any flatter and you can’t possibly get lost, yet they are lost. You try to tell them where to turn but they’re laughing and focused on not spilling their red plastic cups of Coors. Trauma is recognizing that the adults in your life are unreliable. That it’s all on you. It’s also a slow death because who can live with that weight?

A messy, loud, thrashing process of coming back from death into life.

A few months ago I was born new. This blog is a place to put the things I write, some of which are reasonably good, and maybe some jackass will rip me off and have them published under his or her name. That’s okay. He or she is willing to do more work than I am for my craft, so maybe we can work out a deal.

Either way, hooray for another blog no one cares about. At least I’m writing something.


  1. Yay for you and your writing, Christie! Maybe I get to be your blog's first fan? BTW: I really like the picture you have with this post. Is it your own art?

  2. Thanks Tammy! Yes, it's a collage I did for a color theory assignment. Hope you are well.


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