River mate.

Best sunset photo ever taken while sitting in traffic.
There is hope on the horizon of my heart, in my very center where the secret light of my love lives. There is a knowing, a recognition of how this all fits together like the first time you see the grand canyon and its river mate, eternally forging one another into something new, something perfect and jagged, brilliant to behold in any light.

We are at a precipice with no way of knowing what lies beyond the ledge we stand on. We can dig in and hold on, anchored by the boots of familiarity on our feet, or we can take a breath and trust in gravity and let ourselves be broken and made whole.


  1. I love this~ it's been on my mind, that too much comfy can bring stagnation. Pushing our self-imposed familiar boundaries is scary, but vital to our growth. Taking big steps... yikes, but yay.

  2. be broken and made whole...i love how those two sit so closely next to each other at the end of this piece. together they make for a beautiful cycle. in the real, the incredibility of processing life happens so intensely between those two. transformation. the blueprint of how we make ourselves whole. i love that you set be broken and made whole so tightly together, it leaves no possibility for failure. we will always be made whole...eventually.

  3. sometimes it seems that the breaking and reforming is inevitable if we really want to have meaningful lives. it's super-scary to push those boundaries, but i'd rather wake up and have that realization, scary and painful as it may be, than to live a shallow half-life. that's really what i'm getting right now. thank you guys for reading.


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