Primal calling.

It is never quiet here where I’m perched on a densely forested hillside above the Pacific. The sound of the waves is constant, accompanied by lilting birdsong, chirping lizards, insects I can’t even imagine. It is punctuated by the primal call of howler monkeys in response to the ATVs that race along the road far below, clamoring up the harmony with their revving engines as their drivers work through the gears. Interrupted by the occasional motorcycle, dog fight, pop song.

The only thing powerful enough to drown out all the other sounds, creating a sort of liminal silence of its own, is the rain. Whether it patters softly against the wide leaves of banana trees or pounds with its full tropical force against the tin roof over my head, it dampens all the other sounds of Costa Rica.

Nature’s cacophony allows me to think, or not think, whichever it is. It creates a space in my mind, in my being, a space where answers that have eluded me can rise up, crest, break and crash over me with knowing.

When I booked my plane ticket to Costa Rica back in the spring, I didn’t know why I was going, only that I had to make it happen. Still unsure of the trip’s purpose I almost canceled it a few weeks ago, but then I decided not to and as I turned more fully toward going, I realized it felt like exactly the right thing. Over and over life shows me that it never serves to second-guess my choices. I do it in life, even when I fully believe in my own guidance, and I do it in the water as a nearly perfect wave rolls up under me and passes me by, unridden.

The purpose is not a mystery, nor is it complicated. The point of this trip to Central America and of all things is the same no matter what the circumstances: be here, be now. Inhabit this moment fully. Be who you are, where you are, in your body, and judge none of it. Just be.

And enjoy a sweating can of Imperial with lime while frying platanos and listening to the waves crash on the rocks below. Drink that beer like it is the only thing that matters.

Pura vida.


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